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Who is Louis?

Feng Shui Master Louis Wong, originated from Guangdong and was born in Hong Kong. His ancestors were Chinese Astrologists for 3 generations. He started to learn Chinese astrology, fortune telling in his early years and learnt various skills from 5 prestigious professionals and masters; he accumulated over 25 valuable years of experience so far. He is a Fung Shui consultant of Hong Kong Land, US Hewitt Associates, Sino Property, Star Cruise, Diesel Jean; Walker Shop and so on. He promotes and enhances the traditional astrology and Fung Shui into a new culture so as to enable the readers or clients to realize the Chinese wisdom and magic, to comprehend more about one’s self recognition, care and concern.



Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  ( University of Hong Kong)

Master in Management Science  (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK)

Postgraduate Certificate in Law  (University of Hong Kong)

Barrister-at-law (The Supreme Court of Hong Kong)