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About Us

Feng Shui Master Louis Wong, originated from Guangdong and was born in Hong Kong , has been an expert of  Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui . His ancestors were Chinese Astrologists for 3 generations. He started to learn Chinese astrology, fortune telling in his early years and learnt various skills from 5 prestigious professionals and masters; he accumulated over 25 valuable years of experience so far. He is a Fung Shui consultant of Hong Kong Land, US Hewitt Associates, Sino Property, Star Cruise, Diesel Jean; Walker Shop and so on. He promotes and enhances the traditional astrology and Fung Shui into a new culture so as to enable the readers or clients to realize the Chinese wisdom and magic, to comprehend more about one’s self recognition, care and concern.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  ( University of Hong Kong)

Master in Management Science  (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK)

Postgraduate Certificate in Law  (University of Hong Kong)

Barrister-at-law (The Supreme Court of Hong Kong)


Additional Information

Master Wong graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1979.  In or about 1982, having obtained his Master degree in Management Science from the University of Kent at Canterbury UK, he returned to Hong Kong and worked in the engineering field for the public transport companies.  To widen his global experience, he migrated to Canada in 1987 and then returned to Hong Kong in 1992. He gained admission as a Barrister-at-law of the High Court in 2002.  For his past time, he would like to spend time in reading, writing and travelling.

Master Wong is good at “Chou Yik” and traditional astrology.  He advocates reading astrology with life science and truthfulness is only found with the application of astrology and Fung Shui into the stratum of human life.


My Belief

Work: you are working hard; I am working hard, why do some people become successful but not you?

Wealth: you are chasing, he is chasing for it, why do some people become rich whereas you are still struggling at the lower level?

We cannot deny fortune is gifted but if we analyze it into details, most fortune can be invented which is a skill. In other words, it can be manipulated through life.  If you wish to achieve fortune and luck, you have to think right, choose right, does it right at the right time, and then you will become a lucky man.

Life is a long and winding road. Think right, choose right do it right is not an easy task on daily basis.  It may cause a little wave in life if a trivial matter goes astray. It would be fun.  But if we look at it from a macro view, if you make a right choice at some stages: making every decision right is in fact impossible; trifle mistakes are acceptable, they can even bring us some vivid life experiences and feel alive. However, it is essential for us to balance and make sure some crucial decisions in our life are right. If we look at our lives macroscopically, there are only a few crucial decisions that we cannot afford to do it wrong. For instance; for youth—studying and extra curricula activities are crucial, teenagers—career and marriage are crucial, middle age—wealth and family are crucial, elderly—children and health are crucial. If we do the right thing during these stages; it is guarantee that you will be one of those happy and fortunate groups. However, if one makes the wrong decision in those key steps; it is most likely that you will be those who are suffering from poverty and cannot live the way you ever wish.

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