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Albert Leung

Feng Shui Consultant Mr. Leung was born in Hong Kong, originated from Guangdong.  He met Master Wong on one occasion and started to learn Chinese astrology and Fung Shui from Wong with great interest.  Mr. Leung accumulated a variety of experience in the profession and his area of service includes Chinese astrology, Fung Shui and Name Searching so on.

Completed Courses

Chinese Astrology (elementary, intermediate and advanced level)
Chinese Astrology Verdicts
Fung Shui
Name Searching

My view on destiny

Destiny combines of “life” and “fate” which are inter-related but not entirely equivalent concepts. “Life” is bestowed by birth such as character, appearance, brought up environment, inheritance and blood relationship.  “Fate” is based on “life” as foundation and can be traced from the date of birth to forecast the future direction in life.

Though some people think that fate is designated and cannot be varied, in fact in various stages in life, we can make a variety of choices and therefore fate is under our control.  The purpose of fortune telling (Chinese Astrology) is to recognize our character, strength, ups and downs in our lives.  We can be more aggressive at upturn and be more patient, tolerant and diligent at downturn; that is so called “boost the goodness and avoid the risk”. I believe in science and learn not to be misleading and superstitious. We all experience ups and downs, I believe in making good use of our ups will be fruitful and achievements can be gained.  Sunshine will appear after darkness if we are persistent and positive.

As a learner of Chinese astrology, I do not want to see people not working hard after having known their ups and start to wait for “fortune” to come or vice versa.  In contrary, we should put extra effort and be more effective at time of ups and try to take some precautionary measure to minimize the risk at time of downs.

Ivy Zhang

Miss Ivy Zhang was originated from Liaoning and is at present living in Hong Kong.  She was awarded the Putonghua teaching certificate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004. She acquires the best traditional Chinese language learning skill and can enhance the students’ knowledge and standard in Putonghua.  Miss Zhang has been working for the translation of Chinese Astrology Verdicts and Fung Shui.


Putonghua teaching certificate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004

Completed Courses

Chinese Astrology
Chinese Astrology Verdicts
Fung Shui


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